Friday, 28 August 2009

Sienna Rose New Leather Handbags Autumn/Winter 2009…

With the approach of Autumn, my thoughts always turn to images of sunlight through canopies of woodland trees, crisp morning air, ripe juicy blackberries peeking out through the hedgerows just begging to be picked, the vivid blaze of colour created by nature changing the dappled leaves on dark brown branches from lush green to rich gold, fiery orange to russet red. I also start to think of a new handbag to match the mood of the coming season!

Sienna Rose has positively embraced the colours of Autumn with some truly inspirational designs for their new Autumn/Winter 2009 Leather Handbag Collection. Each style comes in a stunning two colour combination made from the most fabulous high quality leather. Prices start from just £44.95 for the fashionably slouchy Sienna Rose Cross-Body Bag which comes in Wine Red with Dark Chocolate Brown, Brown with Dark Chocolate Brown and Black with Dark Chocolate Brown.

Also highly recommended is the Sienna Rose Ziptop Bag made from soft, sensuous leather which comes in Arjile Tan Brown with Dark Chocolate Brown, Wine Red with Dark Chocolate Brown or Black with Dark Chocolate Brown at £64.95.

However, by far the most popular style so far has been the gorgeously soft and supple Sienna Rose Two-Tone Tote Bag in Red Wine with Dark Chocolate Brown at £74.95.

The Sienna Rose Hobo Bag & Matching Purse reminds me of the Radley range with its silky-smooth refined elegant leather and decorative leather stitch, every bit as good quality only much more affordable at £49.95. Choose from Green with Dark Chocolate Brown or Black with Dark Chocolate Brown.

Let's hope we have an 'Indian Summer' this Autumn!

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