Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The exciting new Gianni Conti leather bags online...

Superb Gianni Conti leather handbags, work bags and purses/wallets are coming soon to The Real Handbag Shop

Already sold in many high street outlets such as London department stores and independent shops throughout the U.K. Gianni Conti are now available for you to buy online.

The new Gianni Conti Maremma Collection will be the first to arrive. Maremma leathers have beautiful deep, rich overtones. This is exquisite sturdy, solid leather reminiscent of saddles and harnesses with a squeaky newness and subtle satin sheen, yet retaining a gentle, soft quality to the surface. Every Gianni Conti product is made from the finest leather and has that gorgeous new leather aroma. Each product is made with a hide tanned using extracts of vegetable origin. This process helps to protect the environment as both production waste and the final product are biodegradable. Slight differences in colour are characteristic of such hides and enhance their appearance. With their attractive shapes, neat stitching and finely tailored cut there’s no doubt that Maremma leather products have plenty of kudos.


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