Thursday, 25 June 2009

How do they do that? Delivery from website to front door…

You place your order on the website and your handbag arrives beautifully packaged and at the speed of light to your door but have you ever wondered how it’s done? Then take a peek behind the scenes of The Real Handbag Shop's warehouse and distribution centre to obtain a rare insight into the world of e-logistics.

The new stock arrives in boxes on pallets and is checked in. It is then stored in giant plastic dust covers on shelving which extends from floor to ceiling. Products are not filed in alphabetical order, as you might expect but are given their own identification code and individual location. Any designated to the highest shelves will be lifted by a fork-lift truck which can only be operated by fully qualified license holders.

All the Real Handbag Shop confirmed orders are automatically downloaded onto computers at the warehouse and dispatch notes printed. The items will then be hand picked, expertly packed and swiftly dispatched using your chosen delivery service. A member of management is on hand at all times to ensure a smooth operation.

The parcels are then collected by Royal Mail or Courier and whisked away. Those collected by Royal Mail go to the main depot where they will be sorted and dispatched on the same day. Any first class post will travel over-night to the appropriate distribution centre. If your parcel is destined for abroad, it might even be on a plane that night.

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