Friday, 1 May 2009

Make your Visconti bag work for you…

When it comes to fashionable leather bags for the workplace nobody does it better than Visconti. Good looking, hard-wearing and with plenty of attitude, these work bags, messengers, laptop bags and briefcases are simply great for business and travel.

Men prefer MUD and women prefer MOCHA. Visconti provide their bags in a superb choice of leather finishes; distressed mud brown leather has a smooth matt surface and superb oiled finish whilst mocha brown leather has a highly polished, glazed finish. Both have that dark and sultry look about them. All the work bags are designed to be unisex but there is a definite trend for the ladies to opt for the glazed leather whilst the men tend to choose the tough, rugged looks of oiled leather. If you can’t quite decide between the two, there’s always the option to have a bag with a fabulous combination of both leathers, such as the Visconti Large Messenger Bag from the Hunter Collection.

CLASSIC BLACK is another popular choice and should you select a bag from Visconti’s Atlantic Collection, there is the option to have a beautifully soft, supple leather finish, too.

Whether you need to store a laptop or note book, blackberry or
i-pod, small files or large folders there is bound to be a Visconti leather work bag to suit. Most also offer handy organisational features such as pockets for pens, credit cards and mobile phone.

So, what would you expect to pay for one of these fabulous leather work bags? You might be surprised to hear that despite the luxurious thick leather, high quality fittings and exceptional craftsmanship, prices range from just £49.95 up to £89.

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    I am really satisfied with this messager bag. It looks as nice as the shown photo. The bag was delivered in a prompt time. I would recommend this product to anyone who is in need of a good quality but not expensive bag for laptop, notebooks... for business, college use.