Monday, 11 May 2009

How to use your handbag to look thinner instantly...

There’s no need to spend hundreds of pounds on diet pills and potions, nor do you need to starve yourself on the latest fad diets and there’s definitely no need to start jogging or taking up any other strenuous fitness regime but there is a way to look thinner instantly and the beauty of it is that there’s no need to actually go on a diet.

Carrying a big handbag gives the illusion that you’ve immediately dropped a whole dress size. Victoria Beckham is an expert in this field. Okay, so she does diet religiously but when she adds a big handbag to her ensemble, she instantly loses a couple more pounds. This is a great trick which we lesser mortals can achieve also. When you next need a new handbag, think big.

There are some marvellous large and over-sized handbags to choose from. For something a bit posh, why not try the wonderfully over-sized Nicoli Nirvana Bag in soft black Italian calf leather at £179? Catwalk Collection Handbags produce a fabulous over-sized Tiffany Clutch Bag in patent leather at just £35 which is absolutely perfect for parties and more formal occasions.

The Helena Over-Sized Laptop Bag was an enormously popular choice for the work place which sold out almost as soon as it hit the (virtual) shelves. For those of you who missed this fabulous bag first time round, Catwalk Collection Handbags tell me that they are having more made which will be back in stock soon.

If you love colour but don’t want to stray from the flattering, slimming effects of wearing dark browns and blacks, you can get your bright colour fix from accessories. Ri2k make a large Lilly Drawstring Tote in catkin (yellow) at £160.05 which is totally stunning whilst Oriano have their lush, big Springfield Bowling Bag in red at £79.95. Gigi’s large Othello Shoulder Bag would make the perfect summer accessory at £69.95.

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Victoria Beckham photograph courtesy of the Daily Mail.

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