Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The sheer poetry of Nicoli Italian leather handbags...

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” I’m sure Elizabeth Barrett Browning was talking about a handbag when she wrote her famous sonnet. I mean, what else can she be talking about when she says, “I love thee to the depth and breadth and height”? And if you’ve seen the very latest Silver Handbags by Italian designers Nicoli, you’d probably come over all poetic, too!

These totally gorgeous leather bags come in a blaze of glorious colours which makes it really difficult to choose just one. Magenta, Corallo and Bianco basically translate as Hot Pink, Red and White but sound so much more glamorous when spoken in the Italian dialect. The leather has been expertly milled to show the full grain of the calf hide and each bag comes in a superb, glossy finish. With all the signs of being a classic IT bag, check out the soft, supple leather gathered into designer pleats, stylish chunky silver fittings (from where the bag gets its name) and super-shiny patent leather double handles. At just £139.95 these are an absolute must-have. A luxurious bag which just loves to go out on the town!

If you like to up the ante, try Platino (Champagne), Nero (Black) or Navy (Dark Blue). The leather on this design has been expertly crafted to emulate snake skin and each bag comes in the most magnificent, shimmering metallic finish. They are a little bit more expensive at £189.95 but totally worth it.
Perfect for all those special occasions, holidays abroad, trips to the casino, birthdays and anniversaries (especially Silver ones!); the ultimate gift for someone special or maybe a little treat for yourself?

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Radley has dogs, Catwalk has cats and Kipling has monkeys…

If you love Scottie dogs, chances are you’ll already have a Radley Handbag in your wardrobe but have you seen the latest doggie designs from Smith & Canova? They have produced a wonderful range of bags with beautiful leather trim made from jacquard fabric which has an adorable multi-coloured Scottie dog pattern all over. Perfect for a stroll in the park!

If you are an ardent cat fan you’ll be delighted to hear that Catwalk Collection Handbags have a fabulous selection of fashion orientated leather bags which come with a nifty cat bag charm. The charms come in various metals so if you choose a bag which has silver fittings, it will come with a silver cat charm, if your bag has antique brass fittings, then your cat charm will be antique brass, too. My personal favourite is their antique silver cat charms which come with the Megan Handbag; the cats come blackened and scratched as if they had just been in a cat fight. Totally wicked!

Kipling, of course, has monkeys on all their bags; no doubt inspiration taken from the fabulous tales of author Rudyard Kipling himself. I adore their new range of Vintage Leather Bags which are due out in the U.K. around July this year; a cool collection of bags with a rock & roll attitude. Also worth watching out for are the new key rings with tiny leather jackets; an absolute must have!
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Monday, 11 May 2009

How to use your handbag to look thinner instantly...

There’s no need to spend hundreds of pounds on diet pills and potions, nor do you need to starve yourself on the latest fad diets and there’s definitely no need to start jogging or taking up any other strenuous fitness regime but there is a way to look thinner instantly and the beauty of it is that there’s no need to actually go on a diet.

Carrying a big handbag gives the illusion that you’ve immediately dropped a whole dress size. Victoria Beckham is an expert in this field. Okay, so she does diet religiously but when she adds a big handbag to her ensemble, she instantly loses a couple more pounds. This is a great trick which we lesser mortals can achieve also. When you next need a new handbag, think big.

There are some marvellous large and over-sized handbags to choose from. For something a bit posh, why not try the wonderfully over-sized Nicoli Nirvana Bag in soft black Italian calf leather at £179? Catwalk Collection Handbags produce a fabulous over-sized Tiffany Clutch Bag in patent leather at just £35 which is absolutely perfect for parties and more formal occasions.

The Helena Over-Sized Laptop Bag was an enormously popular choice for the work place which sold out almost as soon as it hit the (virtual) shelves. For those of you who missed this fabulous bag first time round, Catwalk Collection Handbags tell me that they are having more made which will be back in stock soon.

If you love colour but don’t want to stray from the flattering, slimming effects of wearing dark browns and blacks, you can get your bright colour fix from accessories. Ri2k make a large Lilly Drawstring Tote in catkin (yellow) at £160.05 which is totally stunning whilst Oriano have their lush, big Springfield Bowling Bag in red at £79.95. Gigi’s large Othello Shoulder Bag would make the perfect summer accessory at £69.95.

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Victoria Beckham photograph courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Make your Visconti bag work for you…

When it comes to fashionable leather bags for the workplace nobody does it better than Visconti. Good looking, hard-wearing and with plenty of attitude, these work bags, messengers, laptop bags and briefcases are simply great for business and travel.

Men prefer MUD and women prefer MOCHA. Visconti provide their bags in a superb choice of leather finishes; distressed mud brown leather has a smooth matt surface and superb oiled finish whilst mocha brown leather has a highly polished, glazed finish. Both have that dark and sultry look about them. All the work bags are designed to be unisex but there is a definite trend for the ladies to opt for the glazed leather whilst the men tend to choose the tough, rugged looks of oiled leather. If you can’t quite decide between the two, there’s always the option to have a bag with a fabulous combination of both leathers, such as the Visconti Large Messenger Bag from the Hunter Collection.

CLASSIC BLACK is another popular choice and should you select a bag from Visconti’s Atlantic Collection, there is the option to have a beautifully soft, supple leather finish, too.

Whether you need to store a laptop or note book, blackberry or
i-pod, small files or large folders there is bound to be a Visconti leather work bag to suit. Most also offer handy organisational features such as pockets for pens, credit cards and mobile phone.

So, what would you expect to pay for one of these fabulous leather work bags? You might be surprised to hear that despite the luxurious thick leather, high quality fittings and exceptional craftsmanship, prices range from just £49.95 up to £89.

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