Monday, 20 November 2017

Presenting The New Distressed Leather Ashwood Bags from the Camden Collection

We love bringing you guys new bag styles to fit in with modern life and updated to fit new techology, so let me introduce you to 'Harris' from the Camden Range, made in your favourite distressed leather. 
As handsome inside as it is outside!

Style: 8354-Harris. 
Collection: Camden. 
Leather: Distressed Split Toscana. 

Been in a fight? This bag almost certainly has; textured, distressed leather with rough cut edges gives this messenger bag it's tough, rugged appearance when all the time it is really a soft, slouchy, comfortable bag at heart. Leather items may have blemishes, scars or wrinkles that are inherent characteristics and natural markings of the hide. This leather is designed to scratch easily and has that familiar, worn-in look much like a beloved favourite pair of jeans; the more scratches and knocks, the better the leather becomes. The bag has a long adjustable strap which is made from hardwearing, leather topped polyester. There are plenty of pockets for the storage of contents and the bag has good capacity for note pads, files and folders up to A4 size. Can hold up to one large lever arch file. Interior: 32.5x28.5x8.5cm. Pocket tops are finished with leather for extra durability. The base of the bag is flat.

Where to Find it:-

Friday, 13 October 2017

How to Distinguish Genuine Leather from Fake

The Fire Test
The grains of fake leather would normally melt when burned. However, be aware that lots of faux and plastic leathers are now finished with a fire-resistant coating.

The Water Test 
Genuine leather will absorb water whereas synthetic leather doesn't. 

The Skin Grains
The grains in fake leather are glued whereas with genuine leather, they are part of the skin. You should be able to see that the grains of genuine skin are tidily arranged, close together and naturally bonded with no gaps.

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Friday, 6 October 2017

The 10th October will be HANDBAG DAY! Yay!

It’s no secret that many women love handbags, sometimes perhaps a little too much, but who would have thought that it would ever get to the point where an entire day of the year would be put aside especially for handbags to be celebrated in all their glory? Well, believe it or not, Handbag Day exists, and real people actually do take some time out of their day to celebrate it and pay tribute to their beloved collection of handbags as well as all those they wish they could afford. It is a day when women talk about handbags, even more than usual, both on the Internet, through blogs, and in real life with friends. It is a day where the greatest designs and designers are discussed and celebrated. And also a day through which the purchase of a new handbag, or bags, for the more extravagant, can be justified and needs no explanation.

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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Back To School Bags for Teachers and Students!

You’ve got yourself some new smart outfits to herald the new school year and now you need a new smart bag to replace your tatty old one that's probably falling to bits. You need a bag that's big, reliable and that can hold all those essentials for work. With one of our stylish leather bags, not only can you be confident in the classroom but you can look cool, too. And, if you invest in leather it will repay you tenfold.

Bag To School with Catwalk Collection

Ladies can look bang on trend with one of the gorgeous new leather bags made by Catwalk Collection Handbags UK. From big totes to over-sized laptop bags, large messenger bags to smart satchels and in every colour imaginable, there's a bag to suit every teachers' needs. Prices start from £59.95 for the Bellstone Tote Bag. As well as the ones shown, there are lots more to choose from at The Real Handbag Shop online. Delivery is FREE in the UK and orders can be shipped throughout Europe. 

Heavy Duty with Visconti

For men we present something a little more rugged in Hunter Oiled Leather. We know you have a lot of gear to carry round, so these are the biggest bags in the Visconti range. Not only do they look stylish but they're incredibly well made and specifically designed to withstand the arduous rigours of school or college. Prices start from £109.95 for the Harvard 16054 bag. Visconti have a whole range of bags from small for iPads to extra large for laptops. See more choices at The Real Handbag Shop online.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

SUMMER HOLIDAY CHECKLIST - what do you take on a summer holiday?

If you are lucky enough to be going on your holidays, here's a 
for you to print off and use with our compliments.

A Complimentary Holiday Checklist from The Real Handbag Shop

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Dear Reviewer,

Thank you for your enquiry. Do we understand you correctly? You would like us to give you a very handsome, high quality leather bag, free gratis and for nothing? Oh, not quite nothing. You will give us a few words in exchange.

So what’s in it for us? An honest Amazon UK Review? Whilst genuine reviews from genuine customers are valuable assets for any online business, reviews exchanged for rewards such as free or even discounted products are not going to reflect the true views of any genuine buyer. And Amazon customers are not stupid. They see a ‘fake’ review gushing forth about every miniscule detail of the product, trivial or otherwise, for what it is; a weak attempt at marketing in an effort to persuade a prospective customer that the product is better than it really is. It therefore follows that if a product needs a ‘fake’ review in order to sell, rather than being able to stand up in the marketplace on its own, then perhaps it really isn’t worth having.

The Real Handbag Shop is proud to have grown and developed from a small family run business in co-operation with respected suppliers of the high quality, much sought-after leather bags and handbags that we sell online; Catwalk Collection Handbags, Gigi, Ashwood and Visconti. We have built our good reputation over a long period of time. We have made it our policy neither to discount nor to give our stock away for free in exchange for biased reviews. All the reviews you see in association with The Real Handbag Shop are real. They come from genuine buyers who have paid a realistic price for a real leather product that meets with British standards of quality. If you want to see proof of a genuine Amazon review, then just look for the wording, ‘Verified Purchase’ alongside the name of the reviewer, which indicates that a purchase from the Amazon website actually took place. This obviously doesn’t take into account where a person has received the product as a birthday or Christmas gift and there may be other genuine exceptions but at least you will know that these are genuine reviews you can be sure of and not some wishy-washy meaningless babble trying to hoodwink you.

In the long run, we predict that such tactics will eventually damage the hard earned integrity of Amazon. Already, their customers are becoming suspicious of Amazon reviews because they make it hard to judge which products are actually any good and which are not. This means that ultimately, customers have to spend a lot of time checking to see which reviews have been favourably given in exchange for a free or discounted product and which have come from a genuine purchaser who is giving an unbiased opinion. If Amazon customers haven’t got the time to trawl through pages and pages of reviews to assimilate the useful information from the dubious, it wouldn’t surprise us if they just gave up and went shopping elsewhere, which would be a terrible shame. 

So, Mr Reviewer, in answer to your question, no, we would not be interested in swapping one of our best-selling leather bags for a written review.

With Best Regards,
The Real Handbag Shop

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

If it's Not Ashwood Leather, Catwalk Collection Handbags, Gigi or Visconti then it's not The Real Handbag Shop!

It's always very flattering when other companies around the world try to trade on our good name! However, the quality is dubious at best, whilst the reviews are almost certainly too good to be true. So how can you be sure that you're buying a genuine, high quality, leather product from the genuine The Real Handbag Shop?

If it's not Ashwood Leather, Catwalk Collection Handbags, Gigi or Visconti then it's not 
The Real Handbag Shop!

If it's sold outside the UK or Europe, then it's not 
The Real Handbag Shop!

If the adverts have poor spellings in English, German, Italian or Spanish, then it's not 
The Real Handbag Shop!

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We only sell products from reputable manufacturers where we can be assured of good quality craftsmanship for our valued customers. We offer a minimum of 12 months guarantee on all products that we sell and we have an excellent Customer Service Team to assist with After Sales. Why would you want to buy anywhere else?

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Leather Purses by Catwalk Collection Handbags - Highly Recommend!

4 out of 5 stars

Highly Recommend!
By Beewoman
Colur: Black/Brown

Bought purse in black, so it would more or less go with any of my catwalk bags. Arrived beautifully boxed, so would make a lovely present! Very posh and classy looking, too. Love the leather and purse does the job does the job. Highly recommend!

Which Catwalk Collection purse is this reviewer talking about?  Click on the link to find out... 

Catwalk Collection Handbags - Simply Irresistable!

5 out of 5 stars
By Beewoman
Colour: Brown

Verified Purchase
Simply Irresistible!

Arrived before date advised. Well packaged. Happy on that front! Once unpacked I was/am very happy with the bag. Love the colour (sumptuous brown). Love the leather. Love the cat, and bead, signature. Love the straps/handles. Love studs on bag base. Love the interior space. Simply love it!

Which Catwalk Collection handbag is this reviewer talking about?  Click on the link to find out... 

Who loves Catwalk Collection Handbags? The Real (Leather) Handbag Shop UK

5 out of 5 stars
By Beewoman
Colour: Brown

Verified Purchase
Fell in love with bag, as I have with so many in the Catwalk Collection. Bought it in brown and it is a beautiful shade. Lovely long strap, that can be adjusted. Fittings match beautifully. Charms, as always, set it off. Had it in my Wishlist, and wasn't sure if I should buy it or not. So pleased I did! Bit smaller than I had hoped for, but never checked the measurements. Nevertheless, the leather is lovely and, although I haven't used it as yet, I love it. So glad I didn't delete it from list. Simply love it! x

Which Catwalk Collection handbag is this reviewer talking about?  Click on the link to find out...